Official sponsor of X-Man Romania 2020


Open Long Distance Man & Woman

1st place – 600 euro

2nd place – 500 euro

3rd place – 400 euro

4th place – 300 euro

5th place – 200 euro

Open Half  Distance Man & Woman

1st place – 400 euro

2nd place – 300 euro

3rd place – 200 euro

4th place – 100 euro

5th place – 50 euro

X-Man Romania 2020

Xterra Sport Bihor sports club in partnership with the Romanian Triathlon Federation -FRTRI – organizes the 11th edition of the International Long Distance Triathlon Championship X-Man Romania, that is also the official Romanian National Long Distance Triathlon Championship.

X-Man Romania 2020 – international long distance triathlon competition – would like to attract more and more passionate amateur and professional endurance athletes from Romania as well as from abroad, who’d like to test their limits at an event organized in the most beautiful art nouveau city of Romania. 

Challenge your limits!

On Long or Half Distance, individually, on team/family relay, challenge your limits at X-Man Romania 2020! 

The three stages of the competition take place in Oradea and its surroundings: the swimming in an artificial channel of the Crisul Repede river, the cycling part on a closed city-course and the running part in the historic center, in the central square and the surrounding streets. 

Online registration starts on 05 december 2019 and will close on 10.05.2020.

Registration fees change according to a three-tier system, depending on the moment of registration. So if you plan to come, be smart and register early to keep your expenses to a minimum.

NOTE: Information provided on this page is subject to change. Any occurring modifications will be transmitted to the competitors 7 days prior the race, or at the latest during the check-in procedure.


Asociaţia Clubul Sportiv Xterra Sport Bihor
Oradea, str. Iosif Vulcan, nr. 8, judeţul Bihor